You save the humble,

but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low.

~2 Samuel 22:28~

Join Yvonne Birch in thanking God today. She has a problem with recurring blockages, but learned they can be treated with medication, not surgery. She is so thankful.

Today is the day Mrs. Kitty Bryan will be laid to rest. Please be in prayer for her three sons and their families. UPDATE – The service is tomorrow. I knew that! Thanks, Billy Carl, for helping me out.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and all those fighting there. Let’s pray for a good end to this conflict.

Read and Write Scriptures Today

March 4 – I Samuel 1:22



Our OCC workday is only one day away. I’m looking forward to spending the morning with some wonderful people and getting some items ready, or closer to ready, for the “shoeboxes”.

I have some shopping to do for one Sunday School class and for one of our oldest church ladies. Thank-you ladies. I’ll soon be showing you what you are “buying” for the shoeboxes. Thank-you to all who have have provided clothing this month. It will be a blessing to the children to receive the clothing you purchased. When many shoeboxes are packed, much is needed to properly fill them!

Sunday, we will begin our focus on the Annie Armstrong Offering for North America. Please begin to pray for this worthy effort.

Anna Lee