Sunday, a Cold One

Consider the blameless,

observe the upright;

a future awaits those who seekpeace.

~Psalm 37:37~

Today, please pray for Mrs. Thelma Pierce from Osyka. She came to the OCC workday yesterday with sample drawstring bags to be used for marbles, little cars, etc. She got some ideas from us, helped us tremendously as we worked, and left to get more drawstring bags ready for us. All this is wonderful, but I must add that she has no vision in her left eye and is almost blind in the other eye now too. Her doctors have said that can happen at any time. Please pray for “Miss” Thelma as she continues to cook in a microwave, work in her garden with the help of her neighbor, Luther Terrell, sew marble bags, etc. Such a busy lady and so worthy of our prayers today.

As you pray for “Miss” Thelma, please add those who are on your own prayer list and the many unspoken prayer requests in our community.

Thanks to those who came and worked on the Operation Christmas Child items for the “shoeboxes”. David and I were thrilled at how successful you were in helping us prepare pencil bags and in preparing items for packing. Think of all the children whose lives will be impacted for God by your efforts.

February Missions – Operation Christmas Child

Boys and Girls, Sizes 4,8, & 14





Read and write Scripture about God’s love for us.

February 6 – Zephaniah 3:17

February 7 – Psalm 107:8-9

God’s House will be warm and waiting for you this morning . . . .

Anna Lee