“The servant’s master took pity on him,

canceled the debt and let him go.”

~Matthew 18:27 (NIV)~

God forgives you!

Resentment is self torture!

We need forgiveness everyday!

Read the BIble in 2021

October 26th Readings
MARK 12:28-34
MATTHEW 22:34-40
MARK 12:35-37
MATTHEW 22:41-46
LUKE 20:41-44
MARK 12:38-40
MATTHEW 23:1-12
LUKE 20:45-47
MATTHEW 23:13-39
MARK 12:41-44
LUKE 21:1-4

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Why pastors support CP


The Co-Operative is the greatest want for churches to be involved in many ministries/missions.

Prayer Focus for Today

Today, let’s pray for the growth of new Christians in our churches. Let’s do our part to train and encourage them in their Christian walk.

Cooler days are ahead. Enjoy the fall weather.

Anna Lee