“The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear.

What can mere people do to me?”

~Psalm 118:6 (NLT)~

Read the Bible Chronologically in 2021 – April 9

1 SAMUEL 1:9-4:11

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Louisians Baptist Message

Prayer Focus for Today

Today, let’s begin to pray for children (and adults) who work or play around water. It seems that as the weather warms up, more people lose their lives in our Louisiana waters. Of course, one good preventive measure is learning to swim. If you have the opportunity to teach someone, adult or child, to swim, please do so.

Dennis Walker stopped by for a visit this week. He said Kacey had shoulder surgery and was in the recovery stage. Pray all goes well for her.

The FBC, Kentwood nursery worker had rotator cuff surgery this week. That went well. Please pray for MelonIE as she heals.

Thank-you for praying today.

Anna Lee