Easter Sunday

“He is not here; for he has risen, as he said.”

~ Matthew 28:6~

Read the Bible Chronologically in 2021 – April 4

JUDGES 11:29-15:20

It’s okay it you are behind with your reading. Set aside some extra time to catch up. You will be so glad at the end of 2021 when you feel the sense of pride and accomplishment for reading the whole Bible, whether it is for the first or the umpteenth time. (Umpteenth – Used to emphasize that something has happened on many other occasions.)

There are many special Easter services whether you are worshipping in person, on-line, or on television. At FBC, Kentwood, this is the schedule:

8:00 – Watching a video of a previous Easter drama presented by FBC, Kentwood

9:15 – Sunday School (a class is available for every age)

10:30 – Easter worship (in person or online)

No evening worship!

Happy Easter to everyone! If you do not understand the significance of this day, please ask me. I will be more than happy to tell you.

Anna Lee