Consider the blameless, observe the upright;

a future awaits those who seek peace.

~Psalm 37:37~

Mrs. Mildred Birch has been very sick and unable to eat for a few days. She got medical help and is better now. Keep her in your prayers.

I shared that my recently deceased cousin’s wife is sick and has Covid. I learned yesterday that her middle son, Micah, who lives with her, also has Covid. Please keep them in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for David’s sister, Bonnie. Hopefully, she is making improvement. Pray for her children as they help her in various ways.

Read the Bible chronologically in 2021 – February 7

EXODUS 16:1-19:25

Today’s Prayer Focus

Leaders of our country, state, parish, and cities

Let’s pray for wisdom in decision-making and in deciding who to join with and follow in all the many decisions that they make.

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May today’s gloomy weather not interfere with God’s love shining through you today!

Anna Lee