“But the wisdom from above is pure first of all; it is also peaceful, gentle, and friendly; it is full of compassion and produces a harvest of good deeds; it is free from prejudice and hypocrisy.”

~James 3:17 (GNT)~


We are home, praise the Lord, as of late yesterday! We give God all the glory, for truly He has done great things! 

Please continue praying for Bill that he will regain his strength during the coming weeks.  He has a long way to go, but we are grateful for each step toward full recovery.  In time he will be up for visitors, but right now he needs to conserve his energy as he is still extremely weak.  He thanks each of you for praying for him, for the texts, cards, calls – every expression of love! You are spoiling him! Home Health will be a tremendous help to both of us as he recovers. For those who may not have heard, his final diagnosis was a rare type of pneumonia: Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia. (It was not Covid, as first suspected.)

Blessings to all of you; may the Lord Jesus bless you as you celebrate His coming to earth for our redemption! He is so good, and we have seen clear evidence, yet again, of His miraculous ways.

Velta and Bill

Update on John Henson of Roseland – John is now in ICU at North Oaks due to a recent stroke. Please be in prayer for him and his family.

Read the Bible in 2020 – December 13

Obadiah 1:1-21
Revelation 4:1-11
Psalm 132:1-18
Proverbs 29:24-25


Don’t forget, I will be sharing the Chronological Bible Reading Plan in 2021

This is a sample:

January 1st
GENESIS 1:1-3:24
January 2nd
GENESIS 4:1-5:32
GENESIS 6:1-22
January 3rd
GENESIS 7:1-10:5
GENESIS 10:6-20
GENESIS 10:21-30
1 CHRONICLES 1:17-23
GENESIS 10:31-32
January 4th
GENESIS 11:1-26
1 CHRONICLES 1:24-27
GENESIS 11:27-31
GENESIS 12:1-14:24
January 5th
GENESIS 15:1-17:27
January 6th
GENESIS 18:1-21:7
January 7th
GENESIS 21:8-23:20
GENESIS 24:1-67

I will provide copies at FBC, Kentwood, post daily on The Prayer Link, and share a link that will get you to all the Scriptures for the year.

Today’s Prayer Focus is on reading the Bible every day. If you have not been doing that, now is the best time to start.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – 100% goes to international missionaries and their ministry.

If you are not attending church now due to Covid, or for any other reason, please tune in to local church services. FBC, Kentwood will be on Facebook at 10:30 this morning, 6:00 this evening, and 6:00 Wednesday evening. Many of the other churches are also online. You have a number of choices. The key is to worship!

Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. Don’t forget to give him priority.

Anna Lee