Sunday Addition – Missions

I want to include the Lottie Moon Week of Prayer Day one video and information about the IMB so you can pray for them.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Week of Prayer

Day 1 – Missions On and Off the Street

International Mission Board (IMB)

175 Days of Prayer – Since 1845

CELEBRATE 175 years of continuous ministry by joining us in 175 Days of Prayer. Each day will feature one request and can be sent to you as a push notification from the IMB Pray app, accessed at or the Pray Daily newsletter, or seen through IMB social media (FacebookTwitter or Instagram).

REJOICE over what God has done and continues to do as we INTERCEDE for missionaries and for the nations.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27 2020WORLD175 Days of Prayer

Please pray for missionaries whose time on the field is cut short by unexpected events. Ask the Lord to comfort and direct them as they deal with issues which brought them back from the field: issues like long-term illness, aging parents, or a child’s development. Pray that the Lord directs them to a church community that will support and encourage them. Pray that they will have opportunities for service with their people group in the U.S. Ask God to supply their needs, whether this is a time of interruption or a complete change. Pray that God provides others to continue the ministry they left. Also lift up their children as they adjust to life in America.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28 2020WORLD175 Days of Prayer

Kabyle Berbers are 10 million strong in their Algerian homeland, with another half a million in Europe. Pioneer efforts among this traditionally Muslim group began in the early twentieth century and continued until Algeria won its independence from France mid-century. These faithful pioneers saw little positive response. In the late twentieth century, these seeds of truth began to bear fruit. Kabyle believers in Europe started sharing through their heart language with Kabyles still living in Algeria. Those in the homeland began to respond positively to the good news via various media. Consequently, they are no strangers to persecution. Even so, conservative estimates point to approximately 40,000 believers in the homeland. Pray for God to help Kabyle brothers and sisters grasp the importance of being in community and under leadership. Pray for thousands of Kabyle believers to live and share among unreached cities and peoples. Ask the Lord to protect Kabyle believers from false teaching and give them the endurance to persevere and pass down their faith.