This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.

Now choose life,

so that you and your children may live.




Sue Smith‘s update:

Good Morning everyone. Monday update from me. All is going great and I am doing everything that is important for me to go home to my precious husband of almost 52 years. He is my life. My Daughter Terri Smith Merklein is an angel and my son Joel is there to keep me in smiles all the time. His sweet smile just brings tears of joy. My Hayden Lance Merklein and Lia Lucero Smith are just super in all they do. Lance makes me the best food. The grandkids are just special to me. They are handling things great. Tanner Roberts and Erin McGinnis I love these special grandkids. I just want to thank all of you for the prayers and concerns and will still need them so e every one please wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance. Learned a lot here in hospital and it works. Do it 3 weeks and let’s flip this sad scenario. May God Bless all of you and love you all.




A former students asks for prayers for her mother who has a respiratory problem that she deals with periodically, not the virus.




Another former student shared he lost a parent to the virus and urges others to wear a mask so they do not have a similar experience.




Debbie Miller Wilkinson of Amite, and her family, need to be in our prayers.  What a special lady she is!




Read the Bible in 2020 – July 14

  • 1 Chronicles 16:37-18:17
  • Romans 2:1-24
  • Psalm 10:16-18
  • Proverbs 19:8-9



Baptist Presshttp://www.bpnews.net/



I found these words. but don’t know the original source.  They are worthy of out thoughts today.

If you see someone falling behind,

     walk with them.

If you see someone being ignored,

  find a way to include them.

Always remind people of their worth.

One small act could mean the world to them.



Be careful in the extreme heat today.  If you are outside, drink extra fluids so you don’t become dehydrated.

Anna Lee