Tuesday Addition

Many of you will remember Frank, Sue, Terri, and Joey Smith who formerly lived in Kentwood, next door to our house.  Terri shared this information about an hour ago.  I know you will want to pray for Sue Smith and her family.

Today I am asking for prayers for our sweet Momma, Sue Fortenberry Smith, she will be having a Liver Transplant today! Some of you know, but many do not, that she has been battling Liver Disease for many years. It was caused by a virus that damaged her Liver. She was put on the transplant list in November and we have been waiting for “The Call” for eight months. This morning at 1:45 they called. We had an hour to get here. Luckily we only live 20 min from the hospital. I drove her down but had to leave her. I was allowed back at 8. The surgery is supposed to start around 3:30 pm. It will take 6-10 hours. I will not get to stay. Please pray for our Mom and the Doctors and Nurses and all of us. Also for the amazing persons soul that made this precious donation! She is so ready and very calm. She is very strong and she will rock this. Dad and Joel and I thank you all so much for your prayers. I will update when I know more.