Thursday Addition

Lou Miller sent this to me.  Angie lost part of her leg in a hunting accident.  We have prayed for her before, but it is time to pray again.

Comment: Update on Angie Lamb
Trey and Rachael Buckley’s friend in Missouri who lost her leg in a hunting accident.

Update: I had my follow up appointment earlier this afternoon with my surgeon. I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t up to giving an update and then I realized it’s not really fair to those of you texting and asking how it went. I had hoped to be able to make it to my appointment with the prosthetic facility following my appointment with the surgeon. Instead I was made to cancel because my leg is still not healed to his satisfaction. After a mini breakdown session, I left his office feeling completely dejected. Stump shrinker comes off, yet again, and I can only wear it for a couple hours a day. One of the wounds has healed nicely, the other one still needs time. His concern is it could tunnel into a deeper wound and then I may require another surgery which would entail amputating above the knee. This is something we want to avoid at all cost. Without the shrinker, my leg swells easier. When it’s swelled, the pain is harder to manage. Because of this, I’ve got some decisions to make regarding my hours at work. Frustration is one of many feelings I’m experiencing right now. You would think I would have learned a little patience at this point. I’ve come to realize that its just not something I was blessed with, or apparently the ability to learn lol. Thanks for all the continued prayers and support.