For where your treasure is,

there your heart will be also.

~Matthew 6:21~



Please pray for Lisa Taylor.   She has had blood pressure  and diabetes issues sincee having surgery.  She is not getting her regular medications.  Pray for her body to adjust to the medications and for physical therapy to help her get stronger.




Pray for Rev. Charles Dean’s wife, Vickey.  She had back surgery and will need to be dependent on others for a while.




David‘s blood level was 8.4 yesterday.  He got his Procrit shot and we came home.  No blood needed!  Pray he will be able to control his desire for fluids and crushed ice.




Pray for the Hatchels as they fly to Dallas today.  It will be a long day.  Please pray for them as God brings them you your mind today.




Scripture Writing Plan – “Who I am in Christ” – Hebrews 2:11 and 4:16




Yesterday was a little cooler.  Let’s pray today is also cooler.

Anna Lee