Tuesday at Noon

As you have probably already figured out, David did not get to go home this morning. He still has some fluid to have removed. David feels better with the blood he received (20th unit) and the fluid loss from his body (2+ liters).

He’s eating well and took his walker for a round or two in the hallways. As more tests are done, we will learn more about going home tomorrow.

Please keep praying for David and those caring for him. Also, please pray for Mr. “Cete” Dillon and Mr. Adrian Phillips, who are both hospitalized at North Oaks.

As you pray for these three men, please also make an effort to contact someone to check on them and to pray for them.

I appreciate Facebook posts by Jeff Van and others. Jeff pastors in McComb. His grandmother and my mother were first cousins, so that makes us . . “kin”. This is Jeff’s post for today which I have paraphrased.

There is not enough room in your heart for worry and faith, so you have to choose which one rules your life each day.

Anna Lee