For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.

~Hosea 6:6~





We’ve been praying for Cheryl Wilson as she begins chemo Wednesday.  She celebrated by attending her home church in McComb and singing for the Lord.  Keep praying,



I ask for prayers for David’s nephew, Shaun Alford, who lives in Baton Rouge and works for Exxon.  Shaun, who is about 40, will be having back surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, in Baton Rouge.




The quarterly Two Rivers WMU will meet a week from today at FBC, Kentwood to learn about mission opportunities.   There will be a leadership meeting at 9:00, the meeting at 10:00, and a covered dish meal to finish the morning.  I hope you will attend.



Read the Bible – Reflect on God’s patience and catch up on any readings you missed during the last week.



A number of “shoeboxes” will be filled at FBC, Kentwood this morning.  Come when you can.  We will be working in the basement.



As a part of class last night, the Youth on Mission class learned about storying.   They learned how to share their first passage from Luke 5, the story of the paralyzed man who was lowered through a roof by four friends to the feet of Jesus where he had his sins forgiven and left walking.  I’m sure he had a story to tell about his healing!




“We’ve a Story to Tell”

I read that many churches use this as a closing hymn.  I can see how that would work out well.



Tell that story in one form or another today.

Anna Lee