“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” 

~Romans 12:2 NIV~




Buddy Morris and family made the trip to Ochsner on Jefferson Hwy. yesterday.  The report they received was very good.  I’ll let Ellen M. VandeVuss tell you herself.




Glen and Lisa Magee are in Tampa preparing for another surgery which will be done Friday.  Please continue to pray for them and the medical staff they will be seeing.



Bro. Chip Sloan had surgery yesterday morning for a brain tumor.  The surgery went well.  The results – benign!  There was a family celebration at the UNC hospital as they thanked God.



Theople Hurst‘s surgery involved a surprise.  The problem was a cyst in her hand!  It was removed and “Miss” Theople is at home.  She goes back next week for a check-up.



Debbie M. Wilkinson of Amite is at MD Anderson again.  Let’s pray for a safe trip and another praise report.



Let’s not forget to remember Eric Lee and his family as he continues with treatment in Texas.  Your prayers will be appreciated by both family and friends.



Linda Callihan‘s schedule was for radiation all this week in Hammond.  Pray for her as she receives six weeks of treatment.  Thank God her treatment can be done in Hammond.




Read the Bible.

  • Isaiah 28
  • Psalm 101
  • I Timothy 6



David and I were invited to a flag retirement ceremony at Spring Creek Elementary yesterday morning.  A very tattered flag was replaced by a new one.  The Masons of the local lodge took the flag to be properly burned and buried.  It was a solemn ceremony.  The students were respectful.  The ceremony was extra special to David and me because his brother, Jimmy, and his cousin, Vernon Russell, were involved.  It was good to see how the young and the old honored the flag and showed respect for each other.



What do you have to thank God for today?  Don’t forget to do so.

Anna Lee