“[The] Master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!

You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

Come and share your master’s happiness!”

~Matthew 25:21 NIV~



Pray for Linda Callihan as she begins radiation today in Hammond.  She will be going five days a week.



Pray for Mrs. Theople Hurst as she has surgery on her hand to help two fingers that aren’t cooperative.  She will be at St. Tammany and come home to her own special nurse, her granddaughter, Emily.



Amber Prine Ragan of Ponchatould will begin six weeks of five days of treatment at MD Anderson.  Following the radiation, she will be able to come home for the chemo that follows the radiation.  Pray for her and for her family as they walk this journey with her.



Bro. Chip Sloan will have surgery early this morning in North Carolina for a brain tumor.  Please pray for this dear friend and a former pastor of Roseland Baptist Church.




Read the Bible – Reflect on God as “Truth” and catch up on any readings you missed.



Operation Christas Child Shoeboxes – Ten shoeboxes were turned in this past week.  This means ten families will have an opportunity to learn about Jesus and a child will probably have the best Christmas ever.



Our September associational WMU meeting will focus on the Georgia Barnett Offering and on the Friendship House in New Orleans where some of that money is invested in saving young ladies who get off the right path in their lives.  I hope you are planning to hear Kay Bennett speak next month.  Your heart will be blessed as you hear about her special ministry.



Have a wonderful week.

Anna Lee