“Remember, the Lord forgave you,

so you must forgive others.” 

~Colossians 3:13 NLT~



Bobby Simpson had a mild stroke.  With time and therapy, he should be able to recover.  Thank God Bobby’s problem wasn’t any worse.  Pray for his caregiver, his wife, Betty.



Adrian Phillips had a problem with fluid buildup again.  It was related to what he ate.   He’s better now.



Please continue to pray for all the others who have been listed lately.




Read the Bible – Reflect on God as helper and catch up on any reading you missed.




This week has a Third Thursday of the month, so this Thursday we will gather at the cabin at 6:30 for some good Christian fellowship.  Feel free to join us.



Don’t forget to bring items to the church for the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.  The needed items are listed on the church bulletin.  Your items can be dropped off in the blue baskets at the office entrance to FBC, Kentwood.



The Week of Prayer for the Annie Armstrong Offering is complete, but the your offering can be given in the coming weeks too.



Have a good day loving and serving our great God!

Anna Lee