Saturday Addition

Don Yarborough called to give us a “head’s up” that Mr. Phillip Harrell was being moved from Greensburg to North Oaks.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Bubba Roberts called to say he and Kaye saw two church members in Covington and were leaving the hospital at that time.

  • Glen Magee was in good spirits, but will be a few more days before he comes home.
  • Tom Brister was taken to North Oaks last night and then on to Covington where he is presently having surgery for a brain bleed.  Please pray for all those involved in the procedure and for those waiting.


Mrs. Anne Hurst called to ask me to let everyone know Inspiration Park, just west of Kentwood on highway 38, will be having the annual sunrise service at 7 A.M. Easter morning.  Rev. Gibby McMillan will share the message.  There is a group singing, but I’m sorry to say I forgot their name.  Go that morning and find out for yourself.  Everyone is invited, and even encouraged, to attend.  You will be dismissed in time to get to the service in your own church.