He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.

~Psalm 25:9~


I hope you are reading about and praying for the North American missionaries featured each day this week, the week of prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.



Bobby Simpson is doing well following Monday’s procedure.  Keep him in your prayers as he heals.



Elton Shaw seems to be having a relapse.  Please put him back on your personal prayer list.



Joanne Tate, the three month old daughter of Chuck and Jeanne Tate, will require open heart surgery to correct problems in her tiny heart.  The Tates live in the Terry’s Creek area.   Pray for God to take care of this precious little one.




Danielle Dillon and family are celebrating the completion of her chemotherapy as she moves on to radiation soon.  Please pray for Danielle.

Phillip Harrell was not feeling real well yesterday.  Please pray for him to be comfortable.  Pray too for his faithful caregivers, Don and Phyllis Yarborough.
I’m expecting to hear today or tomorrow that Glen Magee is home from the hospital to continue his recovery from surgery.
There seem to be a number of people with the flu again this year.  Be careful when you are around others.  We need to contain this as much as possible.
Read the Bible
  • Numbers 34-36
  • Psalm 29
  • Luke 10



The children’s mission class continues to grow as they learn each week.  Parents and grandparents, thank-you for giving us the opportunity to work with your children each Wednesday.  They certainly bless my life.



We have one more day to invite others to come to the new Bible study of Romans!




Thank God for His guidance in our daily lives.

Anna Lee