“I give you a new command.

Love one another.

You must love one another,

just as I have loved you.

~John 13:34 (NIRV)~


Pray for the people of Florida as they prepare for Hurricane Ione, the people of Texas and SW Louisiana as they slowly recover from Hurricane Harvey, and the many people in the western USA who have fires burning in their area.

Do you remember the Baton Rouge fireman who was electrocuted a couple weeks ago? He has had his third surgery at Baton Rouge General.  Pray for  Michael Doughty and his family.

Mr. I. W. Simmons had a reoccurrence of cancer.  Please add him to your prayer list.

Bro. Darryl Miller’s dad will be having a stent put in his heart Friday of next week. Please add him to your prayer list too.

Please continue to pray for Summer Clemons Blades on St. Kitts island.  It is not know yet when she will be able to return home.  Pray for her and Megan as they wait for the airport to be repaired and/or a possible Hurricane Jose to travel their way.

Pray for Diane Simmons as she has a procedure.

Bettye Fussell had a good day yesterday.  Pray for her, her medical staff, and for her family.

Phillip Strickland got a good  report.  Pray for him and his family as he continues his treatment.

Michelle LaBarbera Murphy of Amite as she begins the next phase of her treatment.

Pray for our political leaders on all levels.



Read the Bible – Mark 5-6, Psalm 97, & video “Kingdom” found at

Friday Morning Bible Study – Fellowship hall of FBC, Kentwood – Ezekiel 22

Baptist Press


Two Rivers Associational WMU Meeting – Monday at 10 at FBC, Amite; Rev. Don Meadows will share with us.


Last night, I noticed donations for Disaster Relief and for La. Baptist Children’s Home at the office entrance to FBC.  The deadlines for both of these will be soon, so please add your donations soon.


“Near to the Heart of God” – I remember my maternal grandmother telling me this was her favorite hymn.  That’s one of the reasons it is special to me too.


Prayer is never old-fashioned or out-of-date!  I love working with the children at church as they learn to pray!

Anna Lee