Saturday Addition

The next Two Rivers Associational WMU meeting will be 9/11, September 11, 2018, at First Baptist Church of Amite.  The focus will be Georgia Barnett missions in Louisiana. The speaker is tentative now, so that will be announced later.  The location is a change from the church that was previously scheduled, so please note that we will be in Amite.


Update of health problems:

  1. Andy Taylor has seem some improvement, more on one hand than the other, since his surgery Monday.  He plans to be in church tomorrow.  Thank God for Andy’s improvement and continue to pray for Andy.
  2. Jeffrey Brister was in a bad motorcycle accident a few months ago.  He has one shoulder that has not healed, so he will be undergoing total shoulder replacement.  Pray all goes well with surgery and that Jeffrey gets use of his arm again.
  3. Jennie is continuing to recover from her fall last weekend.  Pray she continues to improve enough to be comfortable on a flight to New Orleans Wednesday.