Jesus turned and saw her.

“Take heart, daughter,” he said,

“your faith has healed you.”

And the woman was healed at that moment.



Mr. J.D. Smith continues to improve from shoulder surgery.  Keep him in your prayers.

Baby Lampton Dean Titus, son of Tedd and Kayla, is still in need of our prayers.

Continue to pray for Estelle Raborn, Mr. Bobby, and other family members.

The rehab facility is giving “Miss” Ruby Dillon a good workout each day.  She is working hard so she can get back home.



Read the Bible – Haggai, Psalm 59, and video on Haggai (Http://jointhebibleproject.com)

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“Did You Think to Pray?”



That’s a good question!  Did you think to pray?  Better, yet, did I think to pray?

Anna Lee