But Peter and John replied,

“Which is right in God’s eyes:

to listen to you, or to him?

You be the judges!  

As for us, we cannot help speaking

about what we have seen and heard.”

~Acts 4:19-20~


Pray for Brock Forrest who hurt his knee Friday and is having to have injections to help his blood clot.


 Prayers please for my last brother, Jim (Brent)! He has Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia! Currently on ICU in an Austin hospital! Outlook is not encouraging. Prayers for his wife Marty and family!                                                                                             Mary Criswell

Please pray for Fay Shoemaker and Gloria Gill who were unable to attend church yesterday.
Continue to pray for our friends who now live in nursing homes.  I’ve especially had thoughts this weekend about Debbie Miller who is in Greensburg.
Read the Bible – Ezekiel 22-24 & Psalm 37
Baptist Press
Pray for the children from some of our local churches who are at Camp Living Waters for the next few days.  Thank God for the adults who have gone to supervise them.
Much was earned at Bible Drill Class last night.  I’m so thankful for parents who get their children to church so the children can learn how to use their Bibles and understand what the Bibles is teaching us.
I’m already looking forward to teaching children in missions class Wednesday night. They are so precious as they learn.
Have a great week of telling others about Jesus or at least inviting others to church.
Anna Lee