So if the Son sets you free,

you will be free indeed.

~John 8:36~


Pray for Mr. Kent Raiford of Arcola as he undergoes tests to determine why there has been a sudden change in his health.


Tish Fairburn received a good report in Houston.

Went back to Dr. Oki in Houston today. More good news. There is only one spot that has lymphoma. He was expecting more. Since it is only one, I am going to have 12 radiation treatments. He said that should kill it. Start treatments on July17th. I am living proof that God does do miracles. So thankful for that.


Pray for Josiah Huckaby, son of Job and K.K.

We’ve had quite a few people asking about Josiah…so here’s an update: He is doing good. He is up to 8 lb.. 5.5oz. We had a set back with his lungs so he is on a Bubble CPAP now. They have been able to wean him some but it has been very slowly. As far as his g-tube, he is doing well with that. They are working towards weaning him down to 30 minute feeds every 3 hours. Still no idea when he will get to come home. One of the doctors told us he probably has a long way to go since this last set back. Today is day 114 in the NICU but God is so good & He has been so faithful to us. We have also been blessed by so much kindness during the last 3.5 months and we can’t express the gratitude & love that overwhelms our hearts…y’all know who you are.  


Mr. J.D. Smith celebrated his 84th birthday in rehab with lots of attention from his family.  Pray for him as he continues rehab on his new shoulder.



James “Rube” Ardillo

March 08, 1953 – June 28, 2017




Read the Bible – Jeremiah 51-52 & Psalm 27


Friday Morning Bible Study – Ezekiel 14 & 15


Baptist Press –


Baptist Message


Sunday, First Baptist Church, Kentwood will honor first responders during the morning worship.  A church-wide lunch will follow that.  You are invited to attend.



I saw a portion of a Bill Gaither patriotic program last night.  If you have the opportunity to view it, please do so.


“A Few Good Men” 




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Anna Lee