And may your hearts be fully committed

to the LORD our God,

to live by his decrees

and obey his commands,

as at this time.

~1 Kings 8:61~

David and I got to briefly visit Linda K. Graves yesterday afternoon in Kentwood.  Linda was released from Ochsner yesterday, after having two procedures which will hopefukky work for her.  She was home long enough to pack her things to go to live with her sister in Mandeville.  Linda cannot be alone in case her problem returns.  She has a wonderful attitude.  David was able to lead us in a sweet prayer.  She reminded me that she will be only a phone call away.


Tracye’ Crow Watson

May 10, 1961 – October 20, 2016

Betty Lee Walker Seals

September 08, 1931 – October 22, 2016


Scripture Writing – John 10: 9-13 –

Waylon Bailey –

Thom S.



Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

If you purchased bags of individually wrapped for our shoeboxes, please bring them today.  If you need to make purchases, please leave the candy in the church office tomorrow.

Tuesday, we will have our monthly “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at The Cafe Tuesday at 11:00.

Have a great Lord’s Day!

Anna Lee