Tuesday Addition

Charlotte Alford called to request prayers for her daughter-in-law, Kristi Alford, and all the rest of the family as Kristi and her mother travel to Houston today and see doctors who will give them the “plan” tomorrow morning at 8:30.  Thank God for doctors and hospital facilities that have such amazing skills and sweet compassion as they treat their patients.  Pray for Jeremey as he travels to spend the weekend there, but more so on the days he cannot be with Kristi.    She and her mother are planning to stay about a week and possibly beginning Kristi’s treatment.  Pray for Kristi’s children and well as their teachers, friends, and other family members as the children face lots of unknowns and lots of questions.  May they all have peace, assurance, and strength to face whatever is ahead of them.  May they know God’s love and the love of others.  May they also know you are praying for them and feel some added strength because of your prayers.