For if you remain silent at this time,

relief and deliverance for the Jews

will arise from another place,

but you and your father’s family will perish.

And who knows

but that you have come to your royal position

for such a time as this?”

~Esther 4:14~

(This verse about Esther could also apply to us.  I was recently invited to attend a Bible study on Esther, but declined because I have already done the study and I have some schedule complications.  This verse reminds me of times when we are placed in certain situations for a particular reason.  Think about it.  Read Esther.)

Justin Lambert is making progress.  This report is from day 111 following the accident.  If you see Sharon Birch or Rachel Buckley, they can give you a more complete update on their nephew.

 Justin has been making some wonderful improvements. Justin can now feed himself, partially dress himself, brush his own teeth, pull himself up in the bed, TALK, and has started walking at therapy. He still doesn’t have 100% function in his right leg but they put a brace on it and with their help he walks! He has walked as far as 52 feet which was 76 steps 😍 I have seen my husband smile more in the past few days than I have in what seems like an eternity.

Pray for Jimmy and Ruby Schwartz.  His heath has declined requiring more daily care for him.

Pray that the religious literature being delivered to the jail in Amite tomorrow will touch the lives of those who receive it.  Thank God for those who collect and distribute it.  If you have some religious magazines or Bibles, I will get them in the proper hands.  Thanks to those of you who brought items in recently.  I have a trunk full of magazines to take tomorrow.  Other than Bibles, the cannot accept books.  Think paperback.

Jeana Lee Newton’s long, complicated surgery at Ochsner was successful.  Some of you have personally told me you are praying for her.  Keep it up.  Jeana’s family says she is better now than she has been in a long time.


The Georgia Barnette Offering at FBC, Kentwood has reacher 47% of our goal.  Let’s make our goal and surpass it.


Any church or organization filling “shoeboxes” for Samaritan’s purse needs to be reminded that they suggest a donation of $7.00 per box to pay for shipping and for literature that is added to introduce each child to Jesus.  I was blessed to meet a lady, Pricilla, Tuesday who works for Samaritan’s Purse.  She was very encouraging.

Older children, youth, and adults are invited to help fold the flat shoeboxes into their finished shape on October 10th.  You can come at 9 A.M or at 6 P.M.  We’ll have a chair and a table ready for you to work.  Like so many other things, lots of people and lots of steps are involved.  You can also come and draw a picture in the boxes for us.  Think how blessed the children will feel to have special artwork/Christian message just for them.

FBC, Kentwood will be a drop-off location for shoeboxes November 14-21.  There will be a training opportunity Saturday, October 1 from 10 – noon.


Children in Action will meet at 6 P.M. tonight to pack the pencil boxes/pouches for the “shoeboxes”.  There will be lots of excitement as the children get to help with the shoeboxes for the third time this year.  If you are available, come watch and “catch the spirit”.  Adults are always invited to visit and learn what we are doing.


Scripture Writing Matthew 7:21-23

Baptist Press – Always up to date! –


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Know that this day has worth in many ways.  Don’t miss the opportunity to pray for or help others.  

Anna Lee