Keep yourselves in God’s love

as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ

to bring you to eternal life.

~Jude 1:21~



Today, let’s remember all the people who had flood damage to their homes.  Most are not able to live there yet, nor will that happen any time soon.  They have most of their earthly belonging piled in the front yard and daily see people look through the pile for something they can use in their homes.  They do not have a functioning kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.  They do not sleep in their bedroom and will not be able to do so any time soon.  They have paperwork on top of paperwork for the government and insurance companies.  Their vehicles were flooded, so  they have to catch a ride to go anywhere.  Sometimes, their place of employment or personally owned business was also flooded.  Their church, doctors’ offices, schools, post offices, and grocery stores are not repaired and functioning.  I could go on and on.  Even though many are Christians, they face a battle with depression.  Other people are living normal lives and do not have to deal with flood problems.  The television cameras are gone.  Have they be forgotten?  Do other people still care about them?  Ponder on these thoughts.  Can you place yourself in their situation?  What would you want, need, treasure?  Let’s not forget our relatives and friends while our world continues to roll right along in a normal routine.  Meeting spiritual needs often begins with meeting physical needs!

Scripture Writing 2 Timothy 1:6-8


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Georgia Barnette Week of Prayer for Louisiana Missions – Day 4 – United Outreach Church, Shreveport –

Fall Food Round-Up for the LA Baptist Children’s Home – Take items to church now because the truck will arrive first thing Monday to pick them up.

The Third Thursday at the Cabin is tomorrow.  See you at 6:30.

The Friday Morning Bible Study will meet in my classroom at 9 A.M.

Operation Christmas Child – See me if you need an idea of what you can do.

Do something that will impact others in a positive way each and every day.

Anna Lee