The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands

~Psalm 19:1~

Are you a cloud watcher?  I am when we are riding.  Many of you are when you have a camera, especially when there is a rainbow or two in the sky.  The clouds and rainbows are symbols that remind many of us of the work of the Lord.  Take some time today to notice God’s creations today.


Many people, both victims and volunteers, are tired both physically and emotionally.  Do something today to help out in some way.  As people struggle to deal with the flood damage, life also goes on in other ways.  Today, my request is for prayer for one such victim.  Sharon Courtney of Holden and her family had water to flood their home.  They have been working daily to overcome that.  Today, they will take a break for her to go to Ochsner in Jefferson to interview/apply for a liver transplant.  Yesterday, David was with his brother in Holden visiting some people who had flooded.  They visited the home of Larry and Sharon Courtney.  She needs a liver transplant.  David and I have a friend, Johnny Belgard, who is beginning to return to a more normal life, including teaching his Sunday School class at FBC, Amite, following a liver transplant.  David was able to share Johnny’s story as words of encouragement.  You never know when or how God will give you an opportunity.  Be “on your toes” for Him.


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Coming back to being a cloud watcher, David just told me about two of the Disaster Relief Leaders, Richard and Richard from FBC, Franklinton.  David said they went outside early to was the sunrise and the cows.  The men, the “white hat” and a “blue hat” focus on the sunrise as a part of their daily routine from the hill of The Lord’s Church.

Today, would be a good day to “Reach Out and Touch Someone”!

Anna Lee