In the same way,

faith by itself,

if it is not accompanied by action,

is dead.

~James 2:17~

With so many people working through different churches and organizations, I am happy to say faith in action abounds in our area.  One again, a Scripture so appropriate to our day, our area, and many of our churches has been waiting on my computer for me to post today.  I am so thankful to be here and see what many people/churches/organizations are doing.  The love of God abound is shown through the actions of so many.

If you have been helping, God bless you!

If you haven’t been helping, may God lead you to many opportunities to help.

Pray – Please pray for those working in homes. Pray for those traveling to being help.  Pray for those in other states who are giving and sending.  Pray for the leadership in organizations that do so much, especially those that share Jesus as they work.  May God watch over each one and bless them in each and every thing they do.

Give to worth causes.

Baptist Press bpnews.net

Scripture Writing – https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=+Romans+2%3A+7-11&version=NIV

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


  • “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at 11 A.M. this morning.
  • OCC item for this week at FBC, Kentwood – Jump Ropes  (Last week – Hats)  You can bring  your items to my Sunday School room on Sunday mornings.
  • Fall Food Roundup items for LA Baptist Children’s Home – This week – Condensed Milk, Cooking Oil, and Corn Meal (Last week – Bottled juice (apple, orange, grape, fruit punch), Chili w/o beans and Clorox)  You can leave your donations under the stairs that go upstairs at the office entrance.
  • Ladies’ Bible Study will meet at 10 Friday morning and continue John, chapter 9.  We will also spend a few minutes preparing some items for shipment in the OCC shoeboxes.
  • Children in Action and Mission Friends are bringing and offering each week.  This will be used in a project we choose monthly.  They are also doing a project each month.  Pray the children will learn the importance of missions and develop an love for doing missions.

As God calls you, be sure to listen.

Anna Lee