“We are each responsible for our own conduct.”

~Galatians 6:5 NLT, 2nd ed.~

(I suppose that includes both what we do and what we fail to do.  Think about it!)

I am so thankful for all those, both locals and people from other areas, both male and female, from teens to retired folks , who came and worked to help people recover from the flood.  David worked with a team of retired people including an 80 year old retired pastor.  They inspired David with the distance they traveled, their work ethics, their love for people, and their love for the Lord.   Yesterday, one cancer patient went to check on another cancer patient and found a discouraged man sitting alone in the midst of his wet home.  Within minutes, a pastor from another domination had fourteen men there working!  Some who had lost everything are out helping others.  The stories are endless.  The love for others and desire to do anything for them is inspiring.  I’ve seen females, nurses and school personnel, after working all day.  They have been dirty and sore, but so thankful to have been given the opportunity to help others.  I know many people who have washed “tons” of wet laundry for people they do not know in an effort to help them save some things.  I’ve witnessed gallon after gallon of water being removed from out church basement.  I’ve seen ladies working in kitchen from early to late because there were volunteers to be fed.  I’ve seen the piles of belongings of friends on the side of the road.  I have friends who have driven hundreds of miles to take food, clothing, cleaning supplies, water, etc. to the places where it is needed most.  I know people that we prayed for recently because of medical problems who are out cooking and giving the food away day after day. I know pastors who have involved their whole families, including children,  in helping others. I’ve had unchurched people respond to my offers of help from the Baptist Disaster Relief.  I was touched because I know they need the love from Christians and they were able to admit it. I know God is using people to be His hands and feet in innumerable ways and I’m blessed and encouraged.  I’ve seen people “letting their light shine” in so many ways.  


Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief is here until it is all over!  If you need help, know of anyone who needs help, or would like to volunteer in any way please call Bro. Stan Statham or The Lord’s Church (229-8521).


Scripture Writing – Romans 2:1-3 –
Devotional,Scripture, and a Song – This is today’s Our Daily Bread.  I had already written my observations and comments before I found TODAY’s Our Daily Bread!

“Lord, may we fulfill Your calling today by walking the road of faith and encouragement with others.   The Christian life is meant to be lived in company with others, not alone.” – Our Daily Bread, 8-21-16

“To God be the Glory”!!!

Anna Lee