When did we see you a stranger

and invite you in,

or needing clothes and clothe you?  

When did we see you sick or in prison

and go to visit you?’

 “The King will reply,

‘Truly I tell you,

whatever you did for one of the least

of these brothers and sisters of mine,

you did for me.’

~Matthew 25:38-40 (NIV)~



Sherman Cutrer’s hip surgery has been rescheduled for 11:00 this morning in McComb.  Please pray for the medical staff, for Sherman, and for his family.

Joyce Phelps
(October 27, 1939 – August 17, 2016)

Operation Christmas Child donations were endangered by flood waters at FBC, Kentwood.  I’m thankful to report that much hard work has “saved the day” so out shoeboxes can be packed at the end of October as planned.  Today, after Bible study, ladies will be working to prepare soap and washcloths and toothpaste and toothbrushes for shipping.  The Children in Action group has already done some preliminary work to make today’s task easier.  They also used their offering from last month to purchase highlighters for the shoeboxes.  Thank-you to all who have contributed so far.  Plan to be a part of the packing party on October 29th.


Everyone except one couple at the cabin last night had family members with flood damage.  Even that family had several friends with flood damage.  What a precious time it was as David led the devotional that touched many hearts last night. We all know of the faithfulness of God and our need to “Count Your (Our) Blessings” and to have “Joy, Joy, Joy”, a song written, played, and shared by Mr. Harlon Toney.  We expressed our appreciation for churches and individuals who have worked tirelessly this past week to help others and continue to do so.  For example, Bubba Roberts worked clearing out homes all day and still came to sing and play for us last night.


Scripture Writing – John 8:15-18 –


Louisiana Baptist Message –


Do something helpful to others today.  Share some Jesus in the process.

Anna Lee