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Today, I know we all have family and friends who have suffered great losses.  I’ll not begin to name them!  I will share only about one family.  They both had sickness for a while.  The damage of the week only compounded their current needs here on earth.  The family is Rev. Tommy (and Lois) Hicks.  As difficult as the last months have been, I am sure they would point you to God and his blessing for us both here on earth and eternally in heaven.

I will not name specific churches that have done so much, but I could.  Just be thankful for all they have done.

I will not name a specific individual who have given so much, but I could.  Just be thankful for all the individuals and all they have done (often working in or through a church or church program.)

Today, I want to you know there are MANY hurting people in Louisiana today.  This is the time when we can show the love of the Lord to them.  Those helping are not doing it for recognition.  Their names and faces will not be shown in the newspapers, on TV, or even in Facebook.  They are simply ministering in ways they are called.  I hope  you know some of these individuals and groups and will offer you prayers and contributions.  May God bless each on of them!


Scripture WritingJohn 6:12-14 –


Today’s Devotional – “That Thing You Do”

  • Whether or now you can get out and gut homes, whether or not you can prepare meals or house people, whether or not you can be out serving as a chaplain, whether or not you can (fill in the blank as you desire), you can pray!


Thank-you so much for reading and praying.  If you are local and want to be part of our gathering at the cabin tonight at 6:30, please come.  We will pray!  You can come pray silently or aloud.  Prayer is so important!  If you cannot come, pray wherever you are.

Anna Lee