August 13, 2016


Scripture writing


Happy anniversary to me/us!  I don’t mention special family holidays, but today is going to be different.  When my internet came on a few minutes ago, I immediately began to see flooded s of friends, former students, and many others.  David has family that flooded. I probably do too!  The comments I have read and pictures I have seen  have brought tears to my eyes and more tears to wash those away.  I have chosen the hymn for the moment based on some of the comments about “all my worldly possessions. but we are safe”, “parents are irreplaceable”, “everyone is safe”, “Bro. Rusty is in a boat and coming to get us”, “left home, but now the water is here at my parent’s home”, and so many more!  Today’s hymn is “Count Your Many Blessings”!  That seems to be the attitude of so many people.  “Count Your Blessings”

I need to add a second ‘hymn of the day” today.

“God Will Take Care of You”.

I greatly admire the attitude of faith and hope I have witnessed throughout the past couple of days.  That is what gets us though the “less than perfect” days we face.

Yes. it is our 49th anniversary, but I have so many people to check  on today, our plans are changing.  No matter what you had on your calendar/schedule for today, please take time to thank Him and to help others.

By the way, David and I are blessed!  We have been so blessed in our 49 years.  We are high and dry today.  We have come through a very difficult last 18 months of health issues for David, our family loves and serves God, etc.  I choose to focus on the positives God has brought into my life.  No matter what is ahead, He will walk each step of the way with us as He always has.

Anna Lee