Friday Evening

My soul is weary with sorrow;

strengthen me according to your word.

~Psalm 119:28~


This is the verse that came to me on my computer today.  Fitting?

This the first time all day that my computer satellite is functioning.  The skies never cleared up enough until now and this will not last.  I’ll make this brief.

Pray for the flood victims in our area.  They are many.  Some have lost everything.  Some are just recovering from the flooding in March.  Homes in non-flood zone are flooding.  Area churches are experiencing flooding, including Mt. Nebo, which is finishing up their work following the March flood.  The stories are numerous.  The families, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, etc. have much work ahead.  Maybe you could offer help to a shelter now or a recovery project in the coming day.

Today, I want to request prayers again for Rev. and Mrs. Hicks.  He has been taken back to the hospital with a possible infection.  I know they will appreciate your prayers.

Scripture Writing –  Romans 7:16-20 –

I’ll stop with this much tonight.  Hopefully, I’ll be be back early in the morning.

Anna Lee