Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil

but what is good.

Anyone who does what is good

is from God.

Anyone who does what is evil

has not seen God.

~3 John 1:11~


Justin Lambert is doing better than at any time since his accident.  Pray for continued improvement for him and the family as they continue to stick with him.

Linda B. Williams did not get to come home yesterday.  The new plans are for her to be moved to Greensburg for about six weeks to get additional treatment.

Please pray for Fannie Fortenberry Seal as she requires some stents today.  She will be appreciative of our prayers.

Mrs. Ruth Lewis’ mom passed away.

Shirley Gregot Lane

March 18, 1932 – July 18, 2016


The wake/funeral for Mrs. Sis Cox will be Thursday at FBC, Greensburg beginning at 10:00.  The funeral will be at 2 P.M.

The   associational WMU meeting yesterday was well attended. Bro. Carmondelle was a great speaker.  We all enjoyed hearing about the flood problems at Mt. Nebo.  Thanks to all who attended or helped in any way.

Pray for the members of FBC, Greensburg as they travel home from their mission trip today.

Scripture WritingRomans 8:1-5

Churches in Baton Rouge – http://baptistmessage.com/churches-quickly-rally-to-minister-to-heartbroken-urge-unity-and-calm-after-baton-rouge-shooting/

Baptist Pressbpnews.net

Operation Christmas Child -“Irina and a Pencil Sharpener”  https://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/shoebox-stories-irina-and-a-pencil-sharpener/  (Yesterday, David and I made another shopping trip for school supplies.  We were able to make purchases for a couple who wrote a check and allowed us to do the shopping for them.  Of course, we also made some additional purchases for ourselves too.  Once again, many people who saw us commented about me making purchases for my classroom.  We were able to tell them about Operation Christ Child.  Some knew what we meant, but some did not!  What a joy and blessing it was to help them understand OCC.  Again, I apologized to the cashier for the many items that had to be checked out individually, but as we talked, she told us how bless she was to check us out and learn about the shoeboxes.  That just doesn’t happen every time we check out!  The lady and young girl in front of us saw us putting the items on the counter and got interested.  She shared that her children have a garage sale and use the money they earn to pack shoeboxes.  Last time, her  two children packed 17 boxes!  We had the opportunity to encourage them to continue.  That was another blessing.  I wish we could have heard the conversation then had when they left….)

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Please join us at the cabin Thursday at 6:30 P.M.

Stay alert to God’s blessings in your life today!

Anna Lee