By the same word the present heavens and earth

are reserved for fire,

being kept for the day of judgment

and destruction of the ungodly.

~2 Peter 3:7~

Bro. Rusty Durant’s mother‘s stroke was mild.  She will be okay.  The family thanks you for praying for her and for them as they traveled.

Mrs. Catherine Yarborough had a much better day yesterday.  Please continue to pray for her and for her family.

David Bryant is still in rehab in Lafayette.  He is making progress.  He is thankful he can now transfer himself into/out of his wheelchair and stand some.  Please continue to pray.

Pray for Shelton Day as he goes back for additional testing today.  The last test showed his potassium was still high.

Linda B. Williams will possibly come home today.  Pray for her that she will continue to heal with no more setbacks.

Katherine Miller

April 02, 1936 – July 17, 2016



Third Thursday Gathering at the Cabin at 6:30 this week.  Feel free to come join us.

Operation Christmas Child – Devon and a Shoebox –

I trust you are enjoying these inspiring stories as much as I am.  Each one touches my heart.

Scripture Writing Psalm 118:10-14

Baptist Press

Don’t forget the associational WMU meeting at Spring Creek this morning.  I’m looking forward to hearing Bro. Randol Camerdelle share about the recent flood and recovery process at Mr. Nebo.  You are welcome to join us.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Yesterday was not a flagship day in our state when you consider brave, selfless police officers gave their lives to make Baton Rouge a better place.  I have known and continue to know a number of officers there and in other places.  I respect them!  Today, I’m proud of them, but sad for families that will never be whole again.  We all know that God has prepared a home for his children in heaven.  Most people do not die in a moment of bravery, be we will all die. I know I will live in heaven one day.  I am so thankful I was part of a church service last night that ended with the opportunity for all to pray.  They youth prayed in one area of the auditorium on their knees, while the “older folks” sat reverently and took a turn to pray aloud.  I cannot describe how special that was, but I am thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of the service.

Anna Lee