“Just as there are many parts to our bodies,

so it is with Christ’s body.

We are all parts of it,

and it takes every one of us to make it complete,

for we each have different work to do.

So we belong to each other,

and each needs all the others.”

~Romans 12:4-5 TLB~


Please pray for Sherman Cutrer who will be having heart bypass surgery today at OLOL hospital today.

Jeff Day had gall bladder surgery at North Oaks yesterday.  Thanks for the prayers.

Earl Calander, formerly of the Sixth Ward, will be having heart surgery on the 7th.  Please add him to your prayers.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon is hopefully on the mend.  Her doctor said the eye looks much better.  Please continue to pray for her as she sees her doctor again today.

Buddy Waller began chemo yesterday. Pray for him as he follows his treatment plan.

Bobby Simpson will be seeing a doctor today concerning his back.  Pray for a good visit.

Susan Rimes says she is sore, but improving.  Let’s pray for good results from her procedure last week.

James Allen continues to be at home following his stay at North Oaks at the end of last week.  Please keep him on your prayer list.

Cindy Juban, Andy Taylor’s sister, has several health issues.  Pray for her as she deals with them and a serious vision issue.

David Bryant of Amite will have gall bladder surgery today in Lafayette.  He is still sedated almost all the time.

Susie Sharkey is doing better.  She thanks those who prayed for her.

Lois Viola Cutrer

Born: August 17, 1940
Died: June 01, 2016

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