The LORD is my strength and my defense ;

he has become my salvation.

~Psalm 118:14~

Please pray for Gloria Gill.  Monday at 1:00, she will have a heart ablation at Lacombe.

Kody Walker had surgery yesterday.  He told us he walked a few hours later.  He told us his uncle, Julian Dufreche, had MANY broken bones.  The other two family members have less serious injuries.  Pray for all of the family.

Rufus Williams said he brother, Howard in northeaster LA, is doing much better.  He is still hospitalized.  Keep praying.

Bro. Joey Miller announced last night that he is checking into a problem on his shoulder today.  I know he appreciates your prayers.

Please pray for Melvin Battles‘ health.  He is from Amite.

Mansell Stinson is now dealing with a heart issue on top of all the problems caused by diabetes.  Please continue to pray for him.  He’s home, so you can call or visit him there.

Buddy Waller is also home.  Please continue to pray for him.

Young Hayden Snow, a great-nephew of Mrs. Bessie Hayden,  has received wonderful news.  He does not have cancer!  His problem can be treated with medication.  Thank God for this wonderful news.

A disaster relief worker from Illinois passed away while working in Louisiana Tuesday.


Friday Morning Bible Study – Beginning John 4

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Scripture Writing – Choose your own verse today.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Be aware of the weather situation today.  Sing “Follow Him” periodically today!

Anna Lee