The fear of the LORD

is a fountain of life,

turning a person from the snares of death.

~Proverbs 14:27~


Johnny Belgard has been hospitalized for three months.  He has fluid in both lungs now.  Please pray for Johnny, Susan, and their family.

Mrs. Yvonne Vining’s last test shows her to be cancer-free.  Please continue to pray for her and Mr. John.

Please continue to pray for Betty Taylor sister, Theresa.  While doing so, include Betty in your prayers.  Her knee pain now includes her hip and a major nerve.  Betty’s son, Tommy Mapes, will be dealing with dental and vision problems this week and staying with Betty this week.  Pray as his issues are corrected.

Frances Gay, requests prayer for Paul Brown’s mother.  She lives in lower Livingston Parish.

David is doing well following that major procedure Thursday.  Thank-you to all are are asking about him and praying for him.

Pray for Mrs. Rebecca Williams as she has the same procedure on Tuesday of next week and Gloria Gill as she has the procedure in April at Lacombe.

Jason and two other Camp Ridgecrest former staffers spent the weekend with Bobby Black in Greenville, S.C.  They were able to do so things to help Bobby at home while he is hospitalized, including getting him hospice services.

My former classmate passed away.

Janice Wallace Bonck

Born: February 29, 1948
Died: March 06, 2016


Scripture WritingEphesians 4: 22-28


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Week of Prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions (Canada & USA) – Day 2

Barry and Amy Rager –

Missions Opportunity

You are invited to FBC, Greensburg to learn about the Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer for North American missions.  The theme this year is “Here I Am/Send ME”.  We will meet at 10 and end with a potluck lunch.  Everyone is invited to come.

  •      Did you realize 33% of the people in the South are unchurched?
  •      Did you realize 73% of the people in Canada are unchurched?
  •      Did you realize 90% of the people in western states are unchurched?

Even if you cannot attend the meeting this morning, I hope you will want to support the efforts to change the statistics I just listed.  You can do this at any Southern Baptist church.  One hundred percent on the money given will be used  for that purpose.

Have a marvelous Monday.  Remember to pray the prayer that is always perfect. “Thy will be done”.

Anna Lee