Cast all your anxiety on him

because he cares for you.

~1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)~


Yesterday was a difficult weather day.  Thankfully, we in this area did not have any significant problems, but hundreds of people in areas close to our area did.  Please pray for them and then work to help they in they way God wants you to help – prayer, finances, clean-up, rebuilding, yard work, food, etc.  Ask.  God will lead you.

I’m thankful to hear that several local churches have new staff members this week.  May God richly bless both the staff members and the churches.



Women’s Ministry

  • Thursday – “Warming the Heart” at FBC, Kentwood at 6:15 for ladies ages 3–103
  • Friday – Bible study at FBC, K at 10 A.M. completing John 2

Scripture Writing I John 2:15-17

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Thank-you for reading and praying today.

Anna Lee