For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness

and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,

in whom we have redemption,

the forgiveness of sins.

Miles Hatchel has a splint on his broken wrist and will get a cast Monday.  The next day, the younger brother, Mason, sprained his right arm/wrist (?) and also has a splint.  That makes three of my six grandchildren injured is a week and a half.  Please pray for healing for all.

Mose Guzzardo, Amite, will have a complete shoulder replacement today in Baton Rouge.  Pray for him during the surgery time, but also during the long recovery he is facing.

Mr. James Miller will be going to St. Tammany today.  Pray for him and “Miss” Mary.

Continue to pray for Jesse Dean following his surgery.

Dan Turner’s latest update:  

Well, my last 20% dosage increase on 11/2/15 did not yield any improvement. I wasn’t any better; however, I wasn’t any worse, either.

Today (11/12/15), I had another appointment. The good news: although, subjectively, I have felt no improvement over the last 10 days and the objective data gathered while testing my H and M reflexes, today, also showed no improvement from 10 days ago, the subjective assessment by my nurse practitioner (NP) revealed improvement in my deep tendon reflexes (DTRs) and improvement in the abnormal propensity for my left foot to invert or turn inward. My DTRs have been abnormally hyper-reflexive until now. Today, my DTRs of both legs were normal and equal—that was encouraging to hear, for sure.

I will return on 11/30/15 to repeat the process. So, I have 18 days of tracking progress before going back.

I’m getting close to finding my “magic dose,” but still need a little more tweaking. My dosage is now at 289 mcg/day after the 20% increase today. The researchers and my NP are confident that we will find it. As you know, the act of breathing is possible because of the accessory muscles of the rib cage and the muscle, known as the diaphragm—breathing muscles can be affected by Baclofen just like the muscles in my left leg and arm. So we don’t want to overdo it. But laughingly, the researcher, Tony, said that knowing they could give me enough Baclofen to make me stop breathing, he felt sure they were going to be able to relax the remaining spasticity in my left arm and left leg. I thought that was a funny way to inspire confidence, but it worked!

Also, after talking to Tony today, I think I have a shot at winning the award for the most resilient H & M Reflexes ever seen at Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center. I’m not real sure that I want that award.

Thanks for reading and God bless you all.


Read the Bible in 2015Zechariah 1-7



Women’s Ministry

  • Friday Morning Bible Study – today at 10:00 followed by decorating for Lottie Moon Tea
  • Lottie Moon Christmas Tea – Sunday at 2:00 at FBC, Kentwood
    • If you are female and between the ages of 3 and 103, you are encouraged to participate.
    • If you are male and interested in missions, come ahead and join us.  The missionary speaker will be interesting for all of us.
  • Stamped Christmas Cards for Prisoners – 2 ways to help
    • Bring your stamped cards to the tea Sunday or get them to me in the by November 29th.  I will deliver them for you.
    • Bring books of stamps.  I will place them on cards that were shared with me.
  • “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party
    • November 24th at 11:00 A.M. at The Cafe
    • Honoring ladies with November birthdays
  • Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
    • Shoebox collection being Monday
    • Contact me if you need information about where your boxes can be taken.  Our boxes will go to Franklinton, FBC.
  • Coming Soon – Lottie Moon Week of Prayer and Christmas Offering for international missions.
  • Potato Bar (Donations Only) – Sunday, November 15 at New Zion Baptist Church at 12 Noon


Devotional, Scripture, and a Prayer


Thankfulness: Day 13

Today, I’m thankful for the love of my church families.  They love, support, encourage, etc. me in so many ways.


Thank you for loving others enough to pray daily.

Anna Lee