Cry out, “Save us, O God our Savior;

gather us and deliver us from the nations,

that we may give thanks to your holy name,

that we may glory in your praise.

~1 Chronicles 16:35~


Continue to pray for Mr. James Miller and those who love him.

Please continue to pray for Jane Wickham who is hospitalized again.  Pray she will be well soon.

Pray for Jesse and Majel Dean.  Jesse had to report in for surgery at 5:30 this morning.

Jill Brister is continuing to feel free of some of the pain she has dealt with for a long time.  Pray for her as she wears a hard cast and enjoys some pain relief.  Thank God she had her procedure Monday.

Mrs. Anne Hurst is home and all-over-the-place doing the things she loves most.

Keith Womack is home for a while before going back to a Shreveport  hospital again.

Our oldest grandson, Miles Hatchel, broke his wrist at PE yesterday.  We’re hoping for a good report on his care at the local hospital.

Chinero’s dad, Buddy Harrison, continues to be in University Hospital where various surgeries/procedures are being done.  Pray for his children as they  check on him there.

Johnnie “Lil Man” Santangello is hospitalized again.  Some of the recent treatments seem to have helped a little.


Read the Bible in 2015Ecc. 7-8

Baptist Press

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Thankfulness: Day 12

I’m thankful for music that I grew up with and continues to serve a great place in lives today.  The song above was my go-to song as I grew up and faced little problems that seemed like mountains at the time.  I received comfort in knowing God was there all the time, no matter the location, to take good care of me.  My earthly parents cared for me; My heavenly Father did an even better job.  

Thanks for reading and praying.

Anna Lee