Wednesday Addition

  1. From Wilhelemina Easley

    Dick Easley

    will u add the easley family to the pray list dick easley name ronald easley passed away yesterday at hood hospital mckneely 0f kentwood is in charge of arrengment thank you and GODbless

  2. From Ashley Raborn and Dana Hendry

    Friday morning a world wide walk will be held to remember the victims of last Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is called “Walk 27″. There will be a walk at Spring Creek Elementary School for those interested in attending. We will begin with prayer at 8:25am and the walk will begin at 8:30am and end at 8:57am. We will walk a total of 27 minutes in remembrance of those who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy. We encourage everyone to attend to show support.

    Mrs. Oma Zachary is still hospitalized in Baton Rouge.  Please be in prayer for her, her family, and the caregivers.

    Jadon has another update he would like to share.


    Jones Family


Please forgive the mysterious numbers.

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