“Take on an entirely new way of life —

a God-fashioned life,

a life renewed from the inside

and working itself into your conduct

as God accurately reproduces his character in you.”

~Ephesians 4:22-24 MSG~


Mrs. Velma Anthony has been sick for a couple weeks.  She is still undergoing tests to identify the problem.

Mrs. Glenda McKean fell early last week.  Her diagnosis is two broken ankles which will keep her in Hood Memorial for a while.  She will get to walk again in about eight weeks.

Jimmy Schwartz is home almost all the time now.  That doesn’t mean we don’t think about him or that he doesn’t need to hear from us.

Read the Bible in 2015Hebrews 5-7

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

May you be blessed to serve God today.

Anna Lee


A friend loves at all times,

and a brother is born for adversity

~Proverbs 17:17~

Please pray for Mr. James Miller.  He fell yesterday and wound up in North Oaks because of anemia.  Pray doctors will locate his problem and help him to feel better.

Mr. Philip Harrell is recovering from a round of pneumonia, but “Miss” Annie Bell is doing fairly well.  Keep them in your prayers.

Continue to pray for the Hellen Morris family as she prepares to move to her eternal home.

Dan Turner’s Update

Howdy all!

I had my second titration of my Baclofen dose today.  Using the same equipment as before, my H & M reflexes were tested, and were found to be much improved.  However, based on the objective data and how I’m feeling, subjectively, the dose was increased from 100 to 140 micrograms per day.  I will return next Thursday for further assessment.  Things are going well so far and although I’m not done yet, I am feeling better and better with each passing day.  I can truly see progress now!  Thanks for the continued prayers and God bless you all.

Gabe (13) and Livvy (9) had a goal.  Now, ….
‘We are God’s People”  (IMB video)
Georgia Barnette Offering for Louisiana missions – Be something, a part of meeting the need for more missions work in our state.  100% of the money given goes straight to the work being done in Louisiana.
Read the Bible in 2015Acts 3-4
Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Reminder for Today

It’s Operation Christmas Child time of the year!  Contact me today if you need some suggestions for items to purchase or information about giving money to ship the shoeboxes the the boys and girls.


Two Reminders for Tomorrow!

  1. It’s God’s Day – Visit his house tomorrow!
  2. Frozen Food for Families


Thanks for reading and praying today!

Anna Lee



Friday Addition

Flo Hatcher

Just fed my mom an ice cream float with graham crackers. She had physical therapy and occupational therapy twice today and her pain is better.                       ~Julee~

Margaret Ann Daniel Wilson

Margaret Ann had her first day of testing yesterday.  There was some very encouraging news.  She will have more testing today.  Surgery will still be necessary, but the doctors there is were more concerned about her blood pressure than any other immediate need.  Keep praying.



“They continued steadfastly

in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship,

in the breaking of bread,

and in prayers.

And the Lord added to the church daily

those who were being saved.”

~Acts 2:42, 47b, NKJV~

Are we steadfastly doing the same things?

Today, let’s pray for various age groups in our churches.  As you pray, you can name some people in each age group and the names of the people in your church who work with them.  Then, start over and name some people in each age group who do not attend church.  I think you have a lot to pray for today!

  • Bed babies
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Younger children
  • Older children
  • Younger youth
  • Older youth
  • Young adults
  • Middle adults
  • Senior adults
  • Homebound

Read the Bible in 2015Jonah


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “We Have Fruit”
  • I gave you a land on which you did not toil and cities you did not build.                                                                                                                                             ~Joshua 24:13~
  • “We Gather Together’
    • We Gather Together LyricsThe United Methodist Hymnal Number 131
      Text: Nederlandtsch Gedencklanck; trans. by Theodore Baker
      Music: 16th cent. Dutch melody; arr. by Edward Kremser (1838-1914)
      Tune: KREMSER, Meter: Irr.

      1. We gather together
      to ask the Lord’s blessing;
      he chastens and hastens
      his will to make known.
      The wicked oppressing
      now cease from distressing.
      Sing praises to his name,
      he forgets not his own.

      2. Beside us to guide us,
      our God with us joining,
      ordaining, maintaining
      his kingdom divine;
      so from the beginning
      the fight we were winning;
      thou, Lord, wast at our side,
      all glory be thine!

      3. We all do extol thee,
      thou leader triumphant,
      and pray that thou still
      our defender wilt be.
      Let thy congregation
      escape tribulation;
      thy name be ever praised!
      O Lord, make us free!


Friday Morning Bible Study

  • This morning at 10 A.M.
  • Fellowship hall
  • Athaliah & Jehnshoeba (If you don’t know these ladies, come listen or read for yourself.
  • II Kings 11:2 & Chronicles 22-23:21

Operation Christmas Child Needs for This Week

  • Hairbrushes (42/boys & 40/girls)
  • Hats (19/boys and 30/boys)
  • Small notebooks, approximately 5″ x 8″ (60)
  • Bandaids (30 boxes)
  • Markers (47 boxes)
  • Soap (220)

Call me or see me if you need more information.

Women’s Ministry – Looking ahead!

  • Sunday, October 4, November 1, and December 6 – Frozen Food for Families
  • Monday, October 19 at 10 A.M. – WMU Quarterly Meeting at New Zion Baptist Church
  • Thursday, October 22 at 5:15 – Ladies’ Night: Count Your Blessings at FBC, Kentwood; All Ladies 3-103 in our area
  • Packing Party for 300 Shoeboxes (Operation Christmas Child) at 6 P.M. for EVERYONE at FBC, Kentwood
  • Monday, November 2 at 10 A.M. – World Day of Prayer: Arise and Shine at Kedron Baptist Church
  • Sunday, November 15 at 2 P.M. – Lottie Moon Tea at FBC, Kentwood; All Ladies 3-103 in our area
  • Bible Study continues each Friday morning
    • Six more weeks of Women of the Bible
    • New study will begin the following week
  • We will be collecting stamps for Christmas cards for prisoners at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail.  Please get your stamps to me by Sunday December 6.  I already have Christmas cards this year.

Have a wonderful day!

Anna Lee


But love your enemies,

do good to them,

and lend to them

without expecting to get anything back.

Then your reward will be great,

and you will be sons of the Most High,

because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

~Luke 6:35~

23 Year Old First Year Coach at Parklane

Please remember Coach Kitter Newman from Parklane in your prayers. This is his first year out of college. He started having a severe headache today & went to the ER in McComb & they air lifted him to Jackson for emergency brain surgery & he’s in critical condition.

Mrs. Bonnie McMillan

Please pray for “Miss” Bonnie.  She is in ICU at North Oaks because of a blockage.

Ken Roberts

David and I talked with Ken’s mother yesterday.  She said Ken had some close calls last week, but is doing better back at Tulane.  Hopefully, Ken will be moved to Memorial Hospital in Houston soon and be placed on the transplant list.  Keep Ken and his family in your prayers.

Susan Rimes

Susan saw a new doctor yesterday and loved her.  Susan will have a MRI at North Oaks next week.  Then, the results can be compared to Susan’s last MRI.  Now, the wait is for the MRI to be scheduled, done, and read.  Keep pray for some pain relief for Susan.

Flo Hatcher

Flo Hatcher is still hospitalized.  So much has happened so quickly that it is hard for her to keep it all straight.  It has been a difficult road, but the family is sticking by her and comforting her daily.

Margaret Ann Daniel Wilson (Wife of Leroy Wilson who grew up in the Kentwood area)

Margaret Ann and Leroy were driven to MD Anderson yesterday.  Hopefully, they will get some treatment there to help her in the battle she is facing.  Please pray for everyone involved in Margaret Ann’s care.

Mrs. Hellen Morris and family

“Miss” Hellen’s time on earth is very limited.  Please pray for her family during this time.

Rufus Williams

Rufus did not have the gall bladder surgery because another problem was found that is now the focus of the medical attention.  Rufus came home, but has some appointments set to continue to seek care.  In the meantime, he is not feeling his best.

Donnie Leo Wascom

Born: May 26, 1933
Died: September 29, 2015

Georgia Barnette Offering for Louisiana Missions

Getting Started –

Frozen Food for Families

  • Bring your frozen home-cooked food to my classroom Sunday before Sunday School.
  • Food will be distributed Sunday afternoon.
  • Thanks to those of you who contribute each month.  You make a difference!


Read the Bible in 2015Proverbs 28

Devotional, Scripture, and Song

  • “We Can Know”
  • I write these things to you . . .                                                                                                           that you may know that you have eternal life.                                                                                                                                                  ~1 John 5:13~
  • “Have Faith in God” by B.B. McKinney

Thankful for a new day and a list of things I hope to accomplish today.  Thankful for life, health, and purpose!

Anna Lee


“I run with purpose in every step.”

~1 Corinthians 9:26a NLT~


Sherry Day is hospitalized.  I didn’t know yesterday how to explain the situation, so today I’m sharing what she wrote.

Just wanted everyone to know that I am ok. Thanks for all the prayers. I had cellulitis in my arm and the infection had spread
further in the body. Needed IV antibiotics to clear up infection. Thanks again for all prayers and concerns. God bless all.

Mrs. Glenda McKean fell and broke a leg just above the ankle.  She seems to be a very busy lady, but this may slow her down temporarily.  Pray for her and her family.

Jay Holloway,  a high school junior and QB for Copiah Academy was killed in a one car accident on the way to school yesterday.  As you pray for the family, please include prayers for the faculty and students of the school.

Flo Hatcher (Written by daughter, Julee)

When you are saying prayers before bed tonight, please say extra prayers for my mom Flo Hatcher. She had the procedure today to cut off blood supply to tumor and she made it fine, but I guess the medication is messing with her. She’s very confused and scared tonight. She usually lets us leave, but tonight she called her sister Carol New to go back and she is going to sleep with her. I will be back at 7 am and surgery is sometime after 11 tomorrow. This roller coaster just won’t end and it’s not fun at all….. Pray my momma gets some fight and some relief….

Lisa Carruth came through surgery with great news.  The lymph nodes are all clear!  Thank you for praying for her.  Please pray as Lisa recovers and learns what the doctors say is ahead of her.

Rufus Williams has had gall bladder surgery at North Oaks.  Please pray for him and his little family as he recovers.  (Rufus, we’ll be looking for you at the cabin in fifteen days!)

Jocie “Berta Jo” Jones

Born: November 24, 1939
Died: September 27, 2015

Alfred Layton “Buddy” Gill, Sr.
Born: February 06, 1949
Died: September 28, 2015

Hazel “Ann” Welch
Born: January 25, 1945
Died: September 29, 2015

Refugee Crisis in Europe –

Operation Christmas Child – Please check out this page on facebook.  Spend a few minutes here and have your heart touched.

People who saw my list of needs have been calling and shopping or shopping and calling.  Look for a new list in a few days.  Our packing party will be October 24th at 6 P.M.  Come join the festivities and see the boxes that will touch little hearts around the world.

Georgia Barnette Missions Offering for Louisiana

The Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering played a vital role in the purchase and building of Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It is also assisting in the construction of the Georgia Barnette Conference Center at Tall Timbers which will enable the training of church planters and mission leaders as well as provide worship space for camps and conferences for generations to come.


Read the Bible in 2015Psalm 114 – 116

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “The Valley of Vision”
  • I remembered you, Lord,                                                                                                                         and my prayer rose to you.                                                                                                                                                    ~Jonah 2:7~
  • “Out of My Bondage, Sorrow, and Night”

I trust you are finding some time this week to enjoy the changing of the season.  I welcome spring and fall each year.  They are my favorite seasons.  At this stage of life, many of us are thankful to see another season, no matter which one!

Suggestions for today:

  • Make a memory.
  • Do something different.
  • Spend  time  with someone special.
  • Spend time with someone you haven’t seen much lately.
  • Visit a special friend.
  • Visit someone who doesn’t get out much.
  • Bake/cook something and share it.
  • Walk outside more than you did yesterday.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • ___________________________________  You fill in this blank.

I’m thankful you have joined me for a few minutes today.

Anna Lee


Above all, love each other deeply,

because love covers over a multitude of sins.  

I Peter 4:8


Mrs. Barbara Baugh has been sick and hospitalized, but is home now.  Please pray for her continued improvement.


Lisa Whitner Carruth will be having major surgery today.  Please pray for her and for her family.  She is one of my former students from Amite and is married to another former student and living in Greensburg.  She was one of David’s nurses when he was in the ER at Greensburg recently.


Juanita Booty, Ora Lee Wilson’s sister, has improved enough to be in a step-down room now.  Thank you for your continued prayers for her.


Flo Hatcher is eating her breakfast awake and alert. Two doctors just came by and waiting for the oncologist then we know the plan for surgery– looking like mid to late this week. She has to boost her blood counts before another surgery. Also found out that the lesion by her knee has gotten bigger even with radiation. Hopefully after this shoulder replacement the blast of chemo will kill every evil cancer cell in her body.
Yesterday we watched Reba and she laughed out loud several times. That was good to hear. We need to keep her spirits up!   (Written by Julee Hatcher)


Follow-Up After ITB Pump Surgery   by DanMan (Turner)

Howdy folks!

A few more days have passed and I wanted to update everyone on my progress.

On 6/23/15 (Wednesday), I saw my doctor and nurse practitioner at Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MMRC) to begin adjusting my intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) Pump dosage. Based on my H & M reflexes, my dosage was increased 416%, from 24 mcg/day to 100 mcg/day. The spasticity is somewhat improved, but I still have some tweaks to be made to the daily dose. I will return on 10/2/15 (Friday) for another adjustment. My doctor said that based on my H & M reflexes that I will likely require a much higher dose.

Today (9/28/15), I saw my neurosurgeon for the first time since surgery, for follow-up regarding my surgical wounds. Everything is healing nicely and as of now, there is no reason for me to schedule another follow-up appointment with him.
So, progress is being made—we just have to find my “magic dose” at MMRC in the weeks to come. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.


Please pray for the IMB missionaries who are considering whether or not to accept the phase one reduction in number of missionaries, their co-workers, their people group, and just the impact the missionaries have on people throughout the world as they go to share Jesus with others.


Georgia Barnette Offering for Louisiana

St. James Parish, in south Louisiana, is the least evangelized parish in our state. The high percentage of lostness makes it a priority.  St. James Parish has a population similar to Grant Parish in central Louisiana. However, there are 30 Southern Baptist churches in Grant Parish and only 1 Southern Baptist church in St. James parish.

Baptist Press


Read the Bible in 2015 – II Chronicles 6-10


Devotional, Scriptures, and a Song

  • “Piercing the Darkness”
  • The Lord will be your everlasting light,                                                                                       and your God will be your glory.                                                                                                                                                            ~Isaiah 60:19~                                                                                                   I am the Light of the world.                                                                                                                                                ~John 8:12~                                                                                                                            
  • “The Light of the World is Jesus”


Operation Christmas Child

  • We are collecting out final items for the shoeboxes.  Thanks to those of you who contacted me about what you are shopping for.  Be sure to check the bulletin again Sunday.
  • We are also collecting funds to ship the boxes.  We are doing well, but haven’t reached the amount needed yet.
  • Mark your calendar for the packing party on Saturday, October 24th at 6 P.M.
  • Focus of the boys and girls who will be receiving boxes.  Remember “Jesus” is packed into each box too.
  • If you would like to include a photo of yourself and/or a letter, please give it/them to me before the 24th if you are not able to help then.  If you are coming on the 24th, you can turn it/them in early or at that time.
  • Begin to pray for each child who will receive a box.  We pray each one will receive Jesus too.

“Ladies’ Night: Count Your Blessings”

  • 4th Thursday of this month at 6:15 P.M.
  • Ladies from throughout our are are invited.
  • Let us help you realize how you are so blessed.

Thanks for praying.  I’m sorry you cannot hear the reports I hear from the people for whom we have prayed.  They appreciate you so much.

Anna Lee


“Each of us,

as a good manager of God’s different gifts,

must use for the good of others

the special gift he has received from God.”

~1 Peter 4:10 TEV~



Logan McGregor

There will be a fundraiser for Logan McGregor’s medical treatment in a couple weeks.  Logan will soon be transferred from New Orleans to Texas for rehabilitation.  If you would like to help.  Plan to support this worthy cause.

Vicki Cunningham Gully writes

Family and friends. I have an urgent prayer request. My daughter-in-law, Donna Gully, has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Before being diagnosed she lost so much weight that she currently cannot begin chemo. In order to begin chemo she needs to gain at least 20 lbs, within the next 2 weeks. Please pray for her and our family, for physical, mental, and spiritual healing/comfort. I ask you to add this to both your personal prayer list and to your church’s prayer list. Thank you.

Well, tomorrow is the day! Doug  (Toney) is coming home. He will go to the rehab for 4 hours a day for ten days and then probably have home health. Prayers for a smooth transition back to our home. Good night.

Pray for Susan Rimes as she prepares to see a doctor Wednesday about the pain she has been experiencing.

Please add Sylvester Humphrey to your prayer list again.  He has been admitted to a hospital after a dizzy spell and a fall.

Please continue to pray for peace and comfort for Mrs. Hellen Morris and her family.


Read the Bible in 2015 Numbers   25-28

Georgia Barnette Offering for Louisiana

  • Disaster Relief teams have been active in Louisiana and beyond in 2014- 2015. To date, over 100 volunteers responded after heavy rains flooded areas along the Red River and mud-out teams cleared 55 homes.
  • Georgia Barnette State Mission Offering gifts assist in the establishment of compassion ministries across the state.
    • There are 22 compassion ministry sites in Louisiana. Ministry sites are often defined by, but are not limited to, food and clothing distribution centers.
    • Thrift stores which make clothing, household items and even baby care products, available at significant discounts are growing ministries across our state.
  • Three Christian Women’s Job Corps sites are currently active in our state, with one more scheduled to open later this fall. Allocations from the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering provide a one-time start-up grant for CWJC/CMJC sites and assist the site director to attend the second level of national certification.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Give it Away”
  • I think it is necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus,                                                           . . . whom you sent to take care of my needs.                                                                                                                                                                 ~Philippians 2:25~
  • “Do You Really Care?”


Frozen Food for Families 

  • Sunday will be here soon.  If you have not frozen some food to share, please do so this week.
  • I will be collecting before Sunday School in my classroom.
  • Delivery will be Sunday afternoon.

Operation Christmas Child

We are closing in on our packing day.  Please refer to the church bulletin, contact the church office, or contact me if you need the list of items we need to complete our boxes.  Thanks for your support of this wonderful project.


“Do You Really Care?”  If so, you will want to get involved in your church ministries.  

Anna Lee

The Lord’s Day

“Each of us finds our meaning and function

as a part of His body.”

~Romans 12:5 MSG~


Doug Toney Update

I saw Sandy yesterday.  She said Doug will come home Monday.  He has been able to take 48 steps.  Family members will take turns staying with him while Sandy  continues to teach school.  Pray the family is up to this challenge.

Rolly Howell

Rolly had a massive heart attack.  He had three stents now and is in ICU at North Oaks.  Please pray for him.

Jeana Lee-Newton

Jeana’s pneumonia has cleared up, so she was able to go home.  Thank God for her improvement.

Katherine Meadows

I saw a mutual friend yesterday.  She said Katherine is doing well and should be home in about six  weeks.  Please continue to pray for Katherine.

Marie Vullo Giardina

Born: August 17, 1931
Died: September 26, 2015

Please pray for this sweet lady’s family.  She will be missed by many people.

Read the Bible in 2015Hebrews 1-4

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Georgia Barnette Mission Offering for Louisiana 

The Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering plays an important role in mission camps and other mission events for children and teens.

  • In summer 2014, Girls’ Mission Camp registered 228 campers, sponsors and staff. 11 girls made professions of faith and one responded to God’s call for mission service. Close to 280 will participate in 2015 Girls’ Mission Camps.
  • RA Camp welcomed 90 campers, sponsors and staff at Tall Timbers in 2015.
  • Tall Timbers also hosts the RA Congress in March of each year; this year over 300 boys and their leaders filled the campgrounds.
  • During Voyage, a mission weekend for teens, 92 students and sponsors served in six church plants and ministry sites in New Orleans.

Let’s show the world we care about both physical and spiritual needs.

Anna Lee