“All these were continually united in prayer.”

~Acts 1:14, HCSB~

Mrs. Martha Dykes Traylor had 3100 ml of fluid removed and can now breathe better.  Please keep her in your prayers.


From Trudy Muse Schockley

Please pray for Jordan. She had an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy around midnight last night and should be discharged today.

Also, we appreciate continued prayers for Eddie. He is comforted and blessed by the steadfast love & support shown from family, friends and strangers.

Trudy Shockley

The last report from Mr. Frankie Gehringer is that he is doing well.  Continue to pray for him as he comes home for physical therapy.

Jadon’s Story: Quick update and taking orders for purple ribbons

I’m feeling much better but I’m still not myself. I’m very fussy and irritable. My seizures are back to where they were before I got sick. So I’m having about 80 a day. Some are more intense than others but overall I’m having more less intense seizures than intense ones. Please pray that my seizures will get better.

March 26th is Purple Day! A girl named Cassidy Megan created the idea of Purple Day in 2008, motivated by her own struggles with epilepsy. Cassidy’s goal is to get people talking about epilepsy in an effort to dispel myths and inform those with seizures that they are not alone. We are in the process of making purple ribbons with my name on them for you to wear that day. If you are interested please email my mommy the number of ribbons you would like. Her email is The ribbons will be $1 each. We are asking that everyone wear their purple shirt and/or ribbon that day to support me and all the people who live with epilepsy on a daily basis.

Continue to pray for my Texas cousins.  Yesterday was a better day

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Continue to pray for people around the world that are facing problems that endanger their safety.  Pray they learn to turn to God to help them face all the days of their lives.


Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund Established


The Louisiana Baptist Convention announced today the establishment of a special fund to assist with response to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in northern Japan. David E. Hankins, working with the LBC missions and ministry team leader, John Hebert, reports that the new fund will be called the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund.


Funds from churches, groups (such as Sunday School classes, youth groups) and individuals collected by the LBC will be channeled though our Southern Baptist partners, the California Baptist Convention and the IMB Baptist Global Response who already have strong networks with Baptists in Japan. Every dollar donated will be accounted and used in relief work. Administrative costs are absorbed by existing ministry infrastructures.


To contribute to the fund, mail your donation to Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund, Louisiana Baptist Convention, P.O. Box 311, Alexandria, LA 71309.Donations must be made payable to Louisiana Baptist Convention with a designated memo specifically named Japanese Tsunami on the document.


In addition to opening the new fund, the LBC disaster relief office will serve as advisors for churches and individuals who desire to travel to Japan and do relief work. “Our role is that of working as a connecting agent,” said Gibbie McMillan, LBC disaster relief strategist. “Our goal is to connect volunteers with stateside groups who are organizing a direct response. We aren’t going to organize our own group when working with others is more efficient and effective.”


Consult for additional information and future news releases related to the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund. You may also


Thank you for praying today.  Your prayers mean so much to so many.

Anna Lee

Tuesday Midday

Bernie Gill has not had his heart surgery yet.  Pray for the doctors as they determine the best timing for Bernie’s surgery.


Michael Warren Hendry
(October 6, 1972 – March 11, 2011)

A resident of Bayou Sorrel, he died Friday, March 11, 2011, at his home. Visitation at Wilbert Funeral Home in Plaquemine, Tuesday, March 15, 2011, from 8am until memorial service at 10am.


“In the day of my trouble I will call upon You,

for You will answer me.”

~Psalm 86:7~


Pray for the people around the world who are experiencing trouble of some sort. Especially pray for the people in Japan and north Africa.  Thank God for those who are working so hard to help.

Baptist Press Stories for Mar. 14, 2011


Japan’s Christians pray, muster funds for relief

In Tokyo, assessment team at work

FIRST-PERSON: Begin helping by praying


The monthly group meeting is this Thursday at the cabin.  We begin each meeting at 6:30 with supper, followed by a devotional time.  The fellowship is sweet. Come see for yourself.


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Remember the Hendry family as they have services for Michael this morning in Plaquemine, LA.

Anna Lee

Monday Afternoon

Tristan Gill

Anna Lee, we got back from Doctor a little while ago. They did not have to drain it, but they gave him another antibiotic shot and some more medicine. He has to stay home from work 1 more day.  They told him to wait 3 more days and if his eye is still swollen and the cheek is still very red come back. Thanks for the prayers and please continue to pray for him. Thanks for caring, Gloria

Services for Michael Hendry will be from 8am-10am tomorrow at:

Wilbert Funeral Home

(225) 687-1850
24120 Railroad Av
Plaquemine, LA


The Lord your God will drive those nations out

ahead of you little by little.

You will not clear them away all at once ….

~Deuteronomy 7:22 (NLT)~


Kara Walker Faller (daughter of Bro. Dennis Walker) is having her baby today.  As you pray for her, pray for her anxious family.  I’ll update later.

Frankie Gehringer is having knee replacement surgery at nine this morning at OLOL in Baton Rouge.  Keep him in your prayers.

Bernie Gill is scheduled for heart surgery this morning.  Please remember him in your prayers.

Remember my Texas cousins, especially Micah (23).  The family has been and is going through numerous health problems.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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