Glory in his holy name;

let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.

~1 Chronicles 16:10~




George Schwebel, formerly of Amite, passed away this week.  A memorial time was celebrated last night at a lake near where he lived.




Read the Bible in 2020 – August 24
  • Job 12:1-15:35
  • 1 Corinthians 15:29-58
  • Psalm 39:1-13
  • Proverbs 21:30-31




This is a big week in Louisiana – Covid-19, Margo, and Laura

Let’s start over:

This is a big week in Louisiana – Church yesterday, revival at the end of the week, opportunities to help others, time to stay at home with family, etc

Bro. Darryl and his son, Phillip, ended church yesterday morning with “The Anchor Holds”,

The Story Behind – “The Anchor Holds” written and performed by Lawrence Chewning

This is the service from FBC, Kentwood, LA yesterday morning.  I hope you choose to watch the whole service.  If not, choose to listen to Bro. Darry and Phillip Miller sing “The Anchor Holds” at the end of the service.  You’ll be blessed and more prepared for the week.




Stay safe from the virus, the hurricanes, and all the other things that try to overwhelm us.  Remember your faith and hold tight to the “Anchor”.

Anna Lee