“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

~Exodus 20:12~

I think this is a good verse to ponder today since we are between Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day and like my first principal said, “Everybody has a mother and a father!”




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Read the Bible in 2020 – May 26

  • 2 Samuel 9:1-11:27
  • John 15:1-27
  • Psalm 119:49-64
  • Proverbs 16:1-3



Ricky Russell is slowly improving.  He said he appreciates your prayers.




This “stay at home” time is different in different families.  Some, with children, center life around them.  Couples, young or old, have each other to communicate with and care for.  Others, with a single, older person may not be so busy, but possibly more lonesome than usual.  Some still have school or work to keep up with daily.  Others, just have another 24 hours at home and alone.  Today, think about and pray for others around you who may be alone or in need.

Anna Lee