Thursday Update

The following is an update on Donald Alford written by his oldest, Janet.  I want to say Janet can express her thoughts and emotions much better than I can express mine.  I can tell you Angela, Janet, Willie, and Julia have fought cancer every step of the way for and with Donald.  I can only admire how they have cared for and loved Donald.

Trying to write an update on daddy is taking way longer than it should. I’ve been working on it for two weeks but nothing sounds right, nothing explains it the right way, nothing conveys the emotions tied to watching this giant of a man suffer the way he has. But I am going to attempt something, even if it’s wrong!
The last hospital stay was 26 days long full of ups and downs. I don’t know if all cancer can cause such extreme swings in treatment but this has been hard understand. Not so much hard as impossible. Especially when you are not a medically trained genius with a much better brain than I have. One treatment depends on something that can’t be managed until the treatment works but can’t be started because he needs the treatment to work before the treatment can start.
The cycle is seems unending.
The overwhelming fight in all of us would love it if we could fight this battle for him and try anything possible that might help but it doesn’t work that way. Daddy has more faith that I can imagine ever having. Even sitting in his chair and unable to breath, he has a continued faith that God’s plan is playing out the way it should.
Yesterday he and Angela made the tough decision to call hospice to help manage his care. Please keep our family in your prayers. Angela, WillieJulia and I appreciate all the calls, messages and most of all the love.