“There is a right time and a right way to do everything, but we know so little.” 

~Ecclesiastes 8:6 GNT~




Please add our long-time friend, Bruce Fussell, to your prayer list.  Bruce grew up in Roseland and graduated from AHS.  He has lived in Livingston for many years.  We happened to see his wife, Dorothy, my classmate, in Walker yesterday.  Bruce is dealing with several health issues now.




Little Jules Tanksley is out of Children’s Hospital and back in the Sixth Ward.  Doctors identified her problem as minor and something she will outgrow.  Thank-you for praying for Jules and her family.




Scripture Writing for December 31st – Choose your own verse to close out this year.




Thanks for the prayers for others today.   I think that is a great way to end 2019 and begin 2020.




Pick out the version of the Bible and the specific Bible you will read as we read the whole Bible in 2020.  I will be using a children’s version in NIV that I bought a few years ago.




David and I shopped for Operation Christmas Child yesterday and loved every minute.  I hope you learn to enjoy it as much as we do.

Anna Lee